Hunting the Legend (2014)

Release Date:8 July 2014 (Canada)
Genre:       Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Stars :     Christopher Copeland, Hannah Wallace, Jeff Causey

In 2008, a deer hunter was taken by something in the Alabama woods. Only his rifle, blood and a 16" footprint were left behind... Five years later, his son seeks revenge.

Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014)

Release Date: 28 March 2014 (USA)
Genre:         Action | Comedy | Horror | Thriller
Stars :        Roddy Piper, Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy

The Franchise Shane Douglas accidentally kills a wrestler in the ring. The wrestler's brother Angus seeks revenge by surrendering his soul to an ancient demon to gain the power to raise the undead. Angus then pays for a private show at an empty prison to lure Douglas and his friend Rowdy Roddy Piper into a death trap.

Seed 2: The New Breed (2014)

Release Date: 25 July 2014 (Germany)
Genre:         Horror | Thriller
Stars :       Natalie Scheetz, Nick Principe, Caroline Williams

Coming back from her bachelor party in Las Vegas, Christine and her friends are driving through the hot desert of Nevada. But they are not alone - serial killer Max Seed is back and he brought the whole family.

The Newburgh Sting (2014)

Release Date:  20 April 2014 (USA)
Genre:         Documentary

Kate Davis, David Heilbroner

The FBI targets a Muslim community in Newburgh, New York and arrests four men in 2009 during a sting operation, claiming they tried to help a Pakistani business man, who was working with the FBI, with terrorist attacks.

The Signal (2014)

Release Date: 13 June 2014 (Canada)
Genre:         Sci-Fi | Thriller
Stars :        Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Beau Knapp

On a road trip, Nic and two friends are drawn to an isolated area by a computer genius. When everything suddenly goes dark, Nic regains consciousness - only to find himself in a waking nightmare.

Serenity Farm (2014)

Release Date: 2014 (USA)
Genre:        Thriller
Stars :       Sean Dryke, Shawna Welsh, Samantha Cutaran

Undisturbed for over 20 years, this remote forested island in the Pacific Northwest is visited by a group of campers on horseback. The camp tranquility is broken by violence and terror.

Goal of the Dead (2014)

Release Date:27 February 2014 (France)
Genre:        Comedy | Horror
Stars :     Alban Lenoir, Charlie Bruneau, Tiphaine Daviot

Returning to his hometown for the first time since his big money move to the professional leagues, Sam Lorit expects a joyful homecoming and a routine cup-game victory. But with the zombie outbreak fueling bitter rivalries, the players and their entourage are dragged into a brutal game for their lives.

Expecting Amish (2014)

Release Date:19 July 2014 (USA)
Genre:        Drama
Stars :       AJ Michalka, Alyson Stoner, Avery Kristen Pohl

An 18-year-old girl is ready to become an Amish adult. By becoming an Amish adult she will be baptised in the Church and she will getting married to her Amish boyfriend. Her friends convince her to go on Rumspringa in Hollywood. When she is there she wears jeans and makeup for the first time since being in the Amish and she begins to think for herself instead, and also beings to make her own decisions. While in Hollywood she meets a boy who's a DJ. The two of them instantly becoming inseparable. On their last night together, she tells him that she doesn't want to be baptized and wants to stay in LA with him. When she goes home to return to Amish country, she finds out that she is pregnant. The teen girl must decide if she wants to stay with her Amish boyfriend or her new Hollywood DJ and be shunned.

Aberdeen (2014)

Release Date:8 May 2014 (Hong Kong)
Genre:        Family
Stars :      Dada Chan, Louis Koo, Gigi Leung

The extended Cheng family, which, like Aberdeen harbor's Chinese namesake, represents today's "Little Hong Kong" and its myriad of contradictions between traditions and modernity; superstitions and materialism; family and individuality.

Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed (2014)

Release Date:20 July 2014 (USA)
Genre:       Documentary
Stars :     Joshua P. Warren, Roger Leopardi

Hate Story 2 (2014)

Release Date:18 July 2014 (India)
Genre:        Drama | Romance | Thriller
Stars :      Surveen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali, Sushant Singh

The Perfect Wave (2014)

Release Date: 28 February 2014 (South Africa)
Genre:      Adventure | Biography | Drama | Romance
Stars :      Scott Eastwood, Cheryl Ladd, Patrick Lyster

The Perfect wave is a LOVE STORY, with four key pillars, a young mans love for surfing, adventure, a mothers love for her son, a young man falling in love for the first time, Gods love. The film takes the audience on a journey, as our hero searches for his 'perfect wave'. The journey has many unexpected turns, and twists, as our hero falls in-love and looses his way, but as fate would have it, jealousy causes a breakup, and seeking to reconcile our hero travels to Mauritius where he gets stung by a box jelly fish, which changes his life forever.

Men, Money & Gold Diggers (2014)

Release Date: 2014 (USA)
Genre:       Comedy
Stars :      Patrice Fisher, Omar Gooding, Je'Caryous Johnson

Caleb Peterson has it all-a great job, plenty of money, and a fine fiancée in former model Paisley Terrell. They're all set to get married just as soon as she signs a prenuptial agreement, but there's just one problem..."Paisley don't do pre-nups!" As war wages and trusts start to crumble, it turns into a battle of the sexes.

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil (2014)

Release Date: 4 July 2014 (India)
Genre:      Comedy | Romance
Stars :     Nikita Dutta, Rohini Hattangadi, Armaan Jain

The story of Dinoo and Karishma, who decide to get married in Goa and head to more interior parts of the country fearing that the girl's parents may get her married to a guy of their choice. As life gets tougher, they realize that this wasn't what they had bargained for.

Algorithm the Hacker Movie (2014)

Release Date: 19 July 2014 (USA)
Genre:      Crime | Drama | Thriller
Stars :      Raphael Barker, Keith Barletta, Julie Ceballos

Tracks the travails of Will, a freelance computer hacker who breaks into a top-secret government contractor and downloads all their recently developed programs. 
A freelance computer hacker discovers a mysterious government computer program. He breaks into the program and is thrust into a revolution.

Monster (2014)

Release Date: 14 March 2014 (USA)
Genre:       Action
Stars :      Min-ki Lee, Kim Go-Eun

Bok-Soon (KIM Go-Eun) runs a street stall while taking care of her younger sister. Bok-Soon may not be the brightest girl but what she lacks in intelligence, she makes up for in uncontrollable rage. She's infamously known as the 'psycho bitch' in her neighborhood. Bok-Soon's relatively peaceful life with her sister is disrupted when they cross paths with a serial killer named Tae-Soo (LEE Min-Ki). Tae-Soo kills Bok-Soon's sister because she may have stumbled upon the truth of his murderous lifestyle. Bok-Soon's rage consumes her completely, leading her to plot her revenge on Tae Soo. Meanwhile, Tae-Soo vows to tie up his only loose end-Bok-Soon. Bok-Soon's descent into revenge and electrifying struggle with Tae-Soo culminates in a riveting conclusion. Who will emerge alive: hot-blooded Bok-Soon or cold-hearted Tae-Soo?

A Brony Tale (2014)

Release Date: 8 July 2014 (USA)
Genre:      Documentary
Stars :     Ashleigh Ball, Mike Bernstein, Jordan Downs

Vancouver-based voice artist Ashleigh Ball has been the voice of numerous characters in classic cartoons such as Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Cinderella and more. When Ashleigh was hired to voice Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash for Hasbro's fourth series to use the My Little Pony name - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - she had no idea she would become an Internet phenomenon and major celebrity to a worldwide fan-base of grownups. Bronies are united by their belief in the show's philosophy. This documentary gives an inside view of the Pony fan-world, and an intimate look at the courage it takes to just be yourself...even when that means liking a little girls' cartoon.

Hercules Reborn (2014)

Release Date: 15 July 2014 (USA)
Genre:       Action | Adventure
Stars :     John Hennigan, Christian Oliver, Christina Ulfsparre

When a young man's bride is kidnapped by an evil king, he turns to Hercules for help. The fallen hero has been living in exile, banished for killing his family, but the young man's courage inspires Hercules. Together, they fight to rescue the bride and reclaim the honor of Hercules.

Killer Legends (2014)

Release Date: 16 March 2014 (USA)
Genre:      Documentary | Crime | History | Horror
Stars :     Rachel Mills, Joshua Zeman

Four timeless urban legends continue to haunt the psyche of the American public. This documentary follows filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills as they investigate the true crimes that may have spawned these urban legends, while exploring how these myths evolved and why we continue to believe. The documentary probes the following legends: The Candyman: The film travels viewers to Houston, Texas, to explore the legend of tainted candy that strikes fear in parents every Halloween. Though the legend is prolific, in actuality there is only one documented case of a child dying from tainted candy: 8-year-old Timothy O'Bryan. Timothy was poisoned on Halloween by a real life monster who used the legend to hide his crime, earning him the nickname, The Candyman. The Baby-Sitter and the Man Upstairs: As the legend goes, a babysitter tormented by a twisted caller, learns that the sadistic calls are coming from inside the house. While the babysitter has become the go-to victim in so many of our...

One Square Mile (2014)

Release Date: 5 June 2014 (USA)
Genre:       Drama
Stars :      Analeigh Tipton, Cam Gigandet, Kim Basinger

"One Square Mile" is a highly charged, emotional story of a disenfranchised teen living on the wrong side of the tracks. Desperate for a way out, his life collides with an old reclusive track coach, angry at the world with no purpose in life, with who he eventually forms a bond. The two are forced to face their circumstances as they race to save each other and ultimately - themselves.